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I was raised and made in the restaurant from my parents during my childrenhood.

I went to Cookingschool  in Brugge.

When I Iost my dad in 2015 I came back home to support my mom and leveled up the restaurant/ hotel for 8 years.

I opened my own concept ‘La Guera” in 2016 togheter with my mom by my side.
Our mission was first of all to let people enjoy there evening , and serve them good food in a framework of nature and pure taste.


We archived to made it up to Gault Millau,

We entered with 13/20 and could hold that level for 4 years, the last year we got mentioned also @ Michelin

History of me as chef :


2006 - 2011: Finished hotelschool SPERMALIE

+1st place Tv program (keuken van de meester)

2011 – 2013: Hof van Cleve***

2013 – 2014: Vrijmoed** (start year)

2014 – 2015: Atelier Duchyene (homecooking)

2017: 1ste place at Cooking Talent from Flanders

2015 – 2020: Chef and owner of restaurant La Guera

2015 – 2023: Hotel Ter duinen (togheter with Anneke)

2021: Restaurant Blanco + Bakkerij Henri

2022 - 2023: Restaurant Onism / Bistro Hart en Ziel


2022 – 2023: Freelance and consulting chef

Glenn Vandenberghe

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