La Guera Travelchef                                                     Collaborations

New Year diner @ Siargaowakepark

31 /12 2019 we served a 5 course menu to 40 guests on 
a epic location, feel free to watch the movie on the youtube channel. Link above

Mise en Plage @ Knokke- Heist

Initiative of Township.. 
First edition 2019 was a great success! 
We sold more than 3000 dishes. 

Four hands diner @ Marchin 2018

In corporation with Arabelle Meirlaen and Philip Claeys. 
I had the chance to do a project togheter with 
Jean - pierre Gabriel.
Be pleased to watch the movies on the youtube channel.

Soulever @ Oostende

Open Event togheter with  sous chefs of the Belgium gastronomy . (also or sous chef Pradip from la guera)
Organisator : Vincent Florizone (Foodbash)

 Chefs Collective Belgium @Thermae Palace

  Dish : Candied chicory with scallop and dashi

Dinner on a lake @ the lake 

Starting from 2016 i was guest chef. 
Perfect collaboration with Friend and Fools.